Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Completed 2 Art Masterpiece presentations

I did 2 presentations this week. I went with a food theme to go along with Thanksgiving, showing Summer the first day and doing food stamping with fruits and veggies for the project. For the second day I showed French Pastries and the students did an Apple Turkey with materials such as an apple, marshmallows, raisins, licorice, and toothpicks.

I worked with a 3rd grade class and they were all really responsive and interested. It was really fun to do, and the most prep work was actually rounding up the fruits and veggies for the stamping. But Trader Joe's donated some expired stuff and was very generous in doing so. It was appreciated!

I can't wait to do some more! I find it is easier when you have a theme to work with so collaborate with the teacher you're working with to come up with something that coincides with what they're are doing in class.

Any questions, please post and I will answer.

Monday, November 9, 2009

For Anyone Interested at Broadmor...

There are many prints and bundled cultural lessons/prints in the library next to the copier. I already have 2 presentations on the books this month. I'll keep you posted as it progresses!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Hello everyone! I just got the blog set up and ready to go! It's very simple, although those of you without gmail will have to set up a free account. I have added you all to contribute, so just sign in and click on 'new post' for each entry you'd like to submit. I am thinking anytime we teach an art masterpiece lesson it would be great to share the lesson plan, craft ideas, materials used, tips on how it went/ what you would do differently if you taught it again, any photos, ect. Also, if there are any good art supply finds online, or at a local store, it would be a good way to share those types of information as well. Really whatever you want to share works! I am excited to get started! Please email me with any questions, and if you want to invite other parents that would be great. Thanks!

Andrea Schvaneveldt